AUDIBLE RECAP for 2022 – Run Eat Repeat

Audible sent an email with my listening stats a few days ago so even though it’s more than two weeks into the new year – I want to share them so I have a reference for future comparisons. Plus, I still plan on recapping the running and eating highlights of 2022 regardless of the date, so this is a good warm up for that. I like that they wait until the year is completely over to compile your listening stats. It’s the complete picture and more accurate.

Did you know Spotify sends their Spotify Wrapped for the year the beginning of December? And they only count your listening stats for January 1st through October 31st?!

As a runner – imagine in Strava, Garmin or Run Keeper only counted your miles from January to October?! I’m not even a numbers person (read as: I don’t really track my overall miles for the month or year), but I wouldn’t be cool with that.

Anyway. We were talking about my Audible recap for 2022. Here are important notes to keep in mind for perspective on my stats…

#AudibleStats 2022


  1. I have a monthly subscription that includes 1 book a month plus access to whatever ‘included’ books the app shares for that time period.
  2. I consider ‘included’ = ‘FREE’ and this was really the first year I took advantage of the free catalogue. I listened to several freebies towards the end of the year that were on par with the books I’ve paid for.
  3. I try to ‘save’ the last two hours (approximately) of most books for my long run. It’s a great long run hack because I always want to know how a book ends and look forward to listening.
  4. Audible also gives you the option to buy extra credits for a discount (it seems like this is offered randomly throughout the year – I’m not sure how often). I have purchased those extra credits for more books throughout the year.
  5. This year I preferred listening to Audio Books over Podcasts because I don’t have any podcasts I LOVE right now, so they’re not as entertaining while running.

Also… I know that there’s a way to borrow audio books from the library. I started to sign up months ago and never went to pick up my official library card, which is required to be able to register for the apps that offer that service.

Now the moment I’ve all been waiting for…


  • Listened 33,374 minutes
  • Averaged 92 minutes per day
  • Pressed play 3,760 times
  • Top genres Literature & Fiction (22,782 min), Mystery Thriller Suspense (21,935 min), Comedy & Humor (3,936 min)

Number of Days per Month Listened

  • December – 30 Days
  • November – 27 Days
  • October – 21 Days
  • September – 25 Days
  • August – 29 Days
  • July – 25 Days
  • June – 26 Days
  • May – 21 Days
  • April – 11 Days
  • March – 18 Days
  • February – 23 Days
  • January – 29 Days

Thoughts on my #AudibleStats for 2022

  1. What I really want to know is = HOW MANY BOOKS DID I FINISH?? I wish that was included in the wrap up. I tried to figure it out, but the “Listen History” has ALL my listen history including samples (the short clip you can listen to before you buy) so it’s hard to count.
  2. If I guessed how many days per month I listen to audiobooks BEFORE I saw this – I would’ve guessed about 6 days per week, about 26 days per month.
  3. I’m surprised I did NOT listen most days in March and April. I must’ve been catching up on podcasts during that time?
  4. I don’t care about how many times I pressed play – that’s a random stat.
  5. The wrap up said my top author was K.L. Slater but that includes a lot of free books I discovered in the last few months of the year. I like Slater, but wouldn’t have listened to that many books if they cost a credit each.
  6. My personal choice for top author is Elin Hilderbrand. I loved the Hotel Nantucket and recommend it to you.
  7. My biggest regret is not reviewing all the books I finished. First, it would give me a complete list of books for the year (the main thing I want to know).Plus, I’ve finished soooooo many books over the years and have great perspective on which books I’d recommend (and which I’d recommend to listen to while walking or running).

My main takeaway / action item is to review every book I listen to this year – even if it’s just a rating with a few thoughts. Then, I’ll have a list to reference when someone asks me for my recommendations and for the end of year recap.

If you want more information or to sign up you can check it out here —> TRY AUDIBLE 



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