Hey runner!  Are you ready to infuse your runs with a splash of nostalgia and a whole lot of inspiration? If you’re a fan of the recently released live-action movie “Barbie,” we’ve got the perfect treat for you! We’ve curated the ultimate Barbie-inspired running playlist, featuring the movie’s fantastic soundtrack and some energizing hits to keep you grooving every step of the way. So, lace up those sneakers, channel your inner Barbie, and let’s hit the ground running!

  1. “Pink” by Lizzo – Warm Up with Sass and Confidence Warm up with Lizzo’s empowering anthem “Pink” and get ready to slay your run! As you prepare to hit the pavement, let Lizzo’s uplifting lyrics boost your confidence and set the stage for an amazing workout.
  2. “Watati” by Karol G (feat. Aldo Ranks) – Ease into Your Run with Latin Flair Get into the groove with Karol G’s infectious “Watati.” This upbeat track is ideal for the warm-up portion of your run, adding a touch of Latin flair to get your body moving and ready for action.
  3. “Dance the Night” by Dua Lipa – Keep the Vibes Upbeat and Happy With its infectious beats and feel-good energy, Dua Lipa’s “Dance the Night” is the perfect addition to your Barbie-inspired running playlist. This upbeat track will keep your spirits high as you dance through your run.
  4. “Barbie Girl” by Aqua – Kick-off Your Run with Barbie Vibes Let’s start our Barbie-inspired running journey with the iconic “Barbie Girl” by Aqua. This high-energy, catchy pop hit will set the tone for a fun-filled and vibrant run. Embrace your inner Barbie as you conquer those miles with a smile. With its infectious beats, it’s perfect for speed intervals or hill repeats, pushing you to your personal best!
  5. “Barbie World” (with Aqua) by Nicki Minaj & Ice Spice – Bop Your Way through Speed Runs Embrace your inner Nicki Minaj with “Barbie World” – a bop that’s perfect for speed or tempo runs. Let Nicki’s fierce energy propel you forward, unleashing your Barbie power on the track.
  6. “Speed Drive” by Charli XCX – Fuel Your Speed Intervals and Tempo Runs Elevate your speed intervals and tempo runs with the electrifying beats of “Speed Drive” by Charli XCX. This song’s pulsating rhythm will motivate you to push your limits and reach new running heights.
  7. “Choose Your Fighter” by Ava Max – Power through Your Race Playlist Need a song to power through your race playlist? Look no further than “Choose Your Fighter” by Ava Max. Its quick beat and motivational lyrics will help you conquer any race with determination and strength.
  8. “Butterflies” by Gayle – Conquer Hills and Speed Workouts Ready to tackle those challenging hills or intense speed workouts? Let “Butterflies” by Gayle be your running companion. Its fast-paced, rock-inspired beat will keep you motivated and focused during tough sessions.
  9. “Barbie Dreams” by Fifty Fifty (feat. Kaliii) – Fuel Your Upbeat Running Playlist Add a touch of attitude and humor to your running playlist with “Barbie Dreams” by Fifty Fifty featuring Kaliii. This upbeat track is versatile enough for tempo runs and hill repeats, boosting your confidence on every stride.
  10. “Forever & Again” by The Kid Laroi – Start winding down… When you’re deep in the zone during your run, let The Kid Laroi’s “Forever & Again” help you start to slow into your cool down. This song’s captivating rhythm will keep you in the flow and focused on your journey.
  11. “What Was I Made For?” by Billie Eilish – As you wind down after a strong speed run, Billie Eilish’s soulful ballad “What Was I Made For?” will accompany your cool down or stretching session. Let its calming melody bring tranquility to your post-run moments.
  12. “Home” by HAIM – Cool Down on the way back home. It’s time to head back home and bask in the euphoria of your run. Let “Home” by HAIM be your soundtrack, providing the perfect cool-down vibes as you reflect on your achievements.

There you have it, the BEST Barbie-inspired running playlist to make every run feel like a fabulous adventure! From the iconic “Barbie Girl” to empowering hits, this playlist will fuel your motivation and keep you grooving every step of the way. So, embrace your inner Barbie, hit play on this energizing collection, and conquer those miles with a smile. Let the Barbie magic inspire you on your running journey!

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