PILE on the MILES Day 2 – Weekly Running Schedule

PILE on the MILES Day 2 Check-in…

Today I’m sharing an example of my weekly running schedule while training for a half marathon or full marathon.

RUN CHALLENGE DAY 2 –> Check in & note…

Here’s an example of my typical running schedule when I’m training for a race. But I adjust it as needed and happens to be an example of that…

Weekly Running Schedule Example

  • Sunday: Rest Day… I usually take Diego for a long walk and stretch after
  • Monday: Speed Run
  • Tuesday: Easy Run & Strength
  • Wednesday: Tempo Run
  • Thursday: Strength Training
  • Friday: Easy Run & Core
  • Saturday: Long Run

I have a Tempo Run on my plan for today –> But it’s raining here (in Southern California)… which doesn’t happen often.

I usually like running in the rain but it’s hard to do a solid tempo run because the ground will be slippery (since it hasn’t rained in a long time the path will be oily & muddy).

So… I’ll probably switch things around this week.

Run Tip: When you have to deal with bad weather, an extra busy day, not feeling 100% –> DO YOUR BEST.

That’s it. Do your best. And keep going.

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