New funny Runner Instagram Reel from @RunEatRepeat – a lil fun with runner toenails and then some tips to help you keep them from turning black/blue or falling off. (Scroll down for the tips!)

Tips to Avoid Losing Your Toenails for Runners

1.   Keep your toenails trimmed. Hitting your shoe repeatedly while you run can make them turn black and/or fall off. Cut back on this by keeping them short & even.

2.  Wear the right Running Shoes. Get fitted at a running shoe store (preferably late in the day) to be sure you’re wearing the best size.

Bonus Tip: Ask for recommendations based on your foot type & goals. Some running shoes have a wider toe box or higher one – that may give you a lil more room and prevent bruised nails.

3.  Wear quality Running Socks. Make sure they’re sweat wicking and have the right cushioning for your shoes.
This will help keep your feet dry and avoid irritating your skin or nails.

4. Tie your shoe laces properly every time you run. Don’t slip your shoes on & off – that can stretch them out and make your foot slide in the shoe.

Bonus Tip:  There are several ways to tie running shoes if yours feel too tight or loose. Try a few different options if you want a different fit.

QUESTION: When was the last time YOU got a pedicure?

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