Viral Bodysuit from TikTok: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

In the realm of fashion, viral trends come and go, captivating our attention and filling our social media feeds. Recently, I decided to try out the viral bodysuit that has taken TikTok and Instagram by storm. Here’s my honest review and thoughts on whether this trendy piece truly lives up to its viral status.

As soon as I slipped into this bodysuit, I understood some of the hype. The fabric is soft and comfortable – so it tracks that I’ve seen a lot of women wearing it to theme parks because you want to be comfortable for a day of walking and getting on rides.

I like that it’s one piece so you don’t have to coordinate a top and bottom to make a complete outfit. But, 90% of time I’ve seen someone post with the body suit – the person wears a button down shirt or open hoodie over it. I’m not sure if that’s because the bodysuit is so tight and revealing or another reason. So, that cancels out my enthusiasm that it’s ONE piece because I definitely feel like I need to wear something over it.

The fabric is thick, but NOT compression or body shaping. And because it’s so form fitting, a body shaping or compression type fabric would be much appreciated.

What I liked about it – the gorgeous green color (all the ones I’ve seen others wearing have been black), adjustable straps, thick fabric.

What I didn’t like about it – the length of the shorts are too short (I kept having to pull them down), the fabric wasn’t body shaping.

And one more big PRO and CON of this bodysuit = It comes in 12 colors, but it’s NOT size inclusive as it only comes in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, Large).

After trying on the viral bodysuit I can kind of see why it’s so popular, but it’s not for me. (And with only Small, Medium and Large sizes – it’s not for a lot of people.)

I did a short video review of it on Instagram @RunEatRepeat here*

Viral Bodysuit Sale

I just grabbed the link to share with you and it’s 78% off right now! So, even though it doesn’t really work for my body type, if this is something you’d like – get it while it’s still on sale! Check it out here: Seamless One Piece Body Suit (on sale right now) 

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