Run Hack – Get Ready to Run Faster with a RUN STATION

Here’s a hack to help you get out the door faster. Set up a “Running Station” with all your non-clothing run gear. This includes things like – visors, running belt, hydration packs and water bottles, sunglasses, running watch and sunblock. I’ll put a list of all the running gear items you may want to include in yours below.

I used to have a storage basket near the door with all these items, but when I moved there wasn’t a good place to put it. So, now I’m using a wall organizer and command hooks to organize this new Running Station.

The wall set up is a more organized compared to throwing everything in a basket, but it’s not the interior design look I’d choose if I had another option. Sometimes you have to decide between function and fashion, right? I went with function because I was in an ‘everything is about running’ phase when I set this up. If I could do it over I’d use the fancier chrome command hooks over these utilitarian ones.

What you keep in your running station depends on your preferences, the weather and what you’re training for right now. Switch out items as needed so it stays as helpful and efficient. In the winter you may need things like gloves and a led light up vest to be visible on shorter days.

Also – if you like this hack make sure you try my ROLLED UP RUN GEAR HACK. It’s another secret trick to eliminate the usual speed bumps that can get in the way of running.

  1. List everything you want to include in your running station so you have an idea of how big of a basket or wall organizer you need. I have a lot of visors and sunglasses so I needed multiple hooks. If you use the same hat or sunglasses for every run you may need a smaller set up.
  2. Choose a place to put your Run Station that’s near the door you use to go for a run. Do you want to use a storage box or wall organizer for this?
  3. Get the storage box or wall organizer and set up all your running gear so you can get out and running faster tomorrow!


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